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Noise Free America is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting noise, especially from boom cars, car alarms, leaf blowers, barking dogs, and motorcycles. Our mission is to elevate the issue of noise pollution with federal, state, and local officials, as well as to educate the public about the dangers of noise pollution. Please take a look at our mission to reduce noise in our communities.

Noise Free America has local chapters in many states and we're growing. Our local chapters are conducting petition drives, testifying before city councils, hosting community meetings, speaking to community groups, and meeting with police officials. Our monthly "Noisy Dozen" award is issued to major noise polluters and has gained a significant amount of media attention.

Noise Free America has produced several public service announcements, written over 100 press releases and has helped thousands of people fight noise in their neighborhoods. Noise Free America has been featured on "20/20," CNN, and NPR. We have been mentioned prominently in over 300 news articles, in publications such as USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, and Time magazine.

Noise Free America has many resources. In our "Ask an Expert" section, our three resident noise control experts answer technical questions on noise, noise control, and noise ordinances. Our "Quiet Products" section contains product information on quiet lawn mowers, ear plugs, acoustic consultants, and soundproofing equipment. Noise Free America has an extensive "Links" section highlighting other anti-noise organizations. Our "News Archive" contains current noise-related news stories of interest from around the country.

In the "Resource Room," we offer contact information for elected officials, federal agencies, and major corporations. We also offer sample noise complaint letters, noise complaint cards to give to noisy business establishments, our position paper, "The American Noise Pollution Epidemic: The Pressing Need to Reestablish the Office of Noise Abatement and Control" on restoring the federal Office of Noise Abatement and Control (ONAC) that we actively distribute to elected officials, and other resources on fighting noise. Noise Free America has also compiled a slide show to display the reckless behavior of those who market and profit from boom car noise. With the explosion of unmuffled motorcycles on the roads we have compiled information on the EPA motorcycle label match-up program that many jurisdictions are using to fight excessive, illegal motorcycle noise. Noise Free America distributes a newsletter highlighting the latest issues in the fight against noise.

Noise Free America's biggest asset is you. You are cordially invited to join Noise Free America today! We are making a difference. We invite you stand with us to say "Respect the Quiet!" to the unnecessary and harmful noise that has taken over Americans' homes, schools, and public places.

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