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The Census Bureau reports that noise is Americans' top complaint about their neighborhoods, and the major reason they wish to move.  Ninety percent of calls to New York City's quality of life hotline concern noise.

Noise Free America is dedicated to fighting noise pollution, especially from boom cars, car alarms, leaf blowers, and motorcycles. Take a look at our legislative agenda to reduce noise in our communities.

Noise Free America is growing in size and influence. We have chapters in many cities and states, which are conducting petition drives, testifying before city councils, hosting community meetings, speaking to community groups, and meeting with police officials. We issue a monthly "Noisy Dozen" award to major noise polluters, which has gained a significant amount of media attention. We have also recorded radio public service announcements. has many features and benefits. In the "Ask an Expert" section, noise control engineer Bob Andres will take your technical questions on noise control. Our "Quiet Products" section contains product information on quiet lawn mowers, ear plugs, acoustic consultants, and soundproofing equipment. We also have extensive links to anti-noise groups and resources. We maintain a News Archive of noise-related stories.

Our Resource Room section offers contact information for elected officials, federal agencies, and major corporations. It also offers advice on citizen action, a sample complaint letter, a noise complaint card to give to store owners and managers, radio public service announcements, a personal anti-noise checklist, and success stories in the fight against noise. Finally, we have a comprehensive manual, "How to Fight Noise." also features several dozen boom car ads, in which electronics companies encourage boom car boys to engage in violence and misogyny.

You are cordially invited to join Noise Free America! We need your assistance to make the United States a more peaceful and healthy country.

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