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  • Bob Andres, a noise control engineer, will answer technical questions on noise control. Bob is an Engineering and Management graduate of Clarkson University in New York, having served as a manufacturing and plant engineer with General Dynamics prior to founding Oshex Associates, Inc., a Baldwinsville, NY based firm offering facility-wide solutions for noise control, in 1974. He is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP), Certified Plant Engineer (CPE), Board Certified Forensic Examiner (DABFE) and a member of the Institute for Noise Control Engineering (INCE-USA). Working under the d/b/a Environmental and Safety Associates, Bob is a consultant and testifying expert in the fields of community, industrial, and building noise and machine safety. Ask Bob Andres questions at Read Bob's commentary here and here.

  • Rick Holtsclaw, a 32-year veteran of the Houston Police Department, will take your questions on strategies for getting your local police department and city officials to take action against noise. Officer Holtsclaw holds a master's degree in criminology from the University of Houston. In 2009, in response to the proliferation of illegally-equipped motorcycles, automobiles, and trucks operating freely in Houston, Officer Holtsclaw began to aggressively enforce anti-noise ordinances. Officer Holtsclaw's vehicular noise enforcement initiative, though completely supported by relevant laws and legal precedent, was met with tremendous resistance by Houston's city officials and motorcycle noisemakers throughout the United States. Officer Holtsclaw wrote a letter to the Governor of Texas, outlining his efforts to enforce anti-noise ordinances and the resistance he encountered. Ask Rick questions at

  • Vincent Frank De Benedetto is a New Jersey veteran of the guerrilla warfare against neighborhood noise, including from leaf blowers. In his attempts to bring sonic sanity to his neighborhood, Mr. De Benedetto has been insulted, threatened, physically assaulted, and worse by his local leaf blower operator, who lives just four houses away and services around half the homes on his block. Mr. De Benedetto is the charter member of the New Jersey chapter of Noise Free America: A Coalition to Promote Quiet. In addition, he has created five anti-leaf blower web sites and authored The Anti-Leaf Blower Handbook, the only work of its kind. He is a political theorist, health educator, and New York Times-quoted writer.

    Mr. De Benedetto's contribution to Noise Free America and the solution to the problem of leaf blowers is two-fold: (1) insight into the dual root causes of the problem, which are profit and ego (the pair responsible for essentially all human problems, according to Mr. De Benedetto); and (2) formulation of concrete strategies for negotiating and surviving a leaf blower problem, based on his hard-fought, real-world experiences.

    Mr. De Benedetto offers his assistance to anyone suffering a leaf blower problem. He suggests that you first acquire some basic information and perspective by visiting

    Please contact Mr. De Benedetto at

Our experts do not answer medical questions or dispense legal advice.

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