Monthly Archives: June 2014

On June 20 to June 22, 2014, the Buncombe county chapter of Concerned Bikers of America held a motorcycle rally in Hot Springs, North Carolina. The event organizers promised that “there may be noise all night long.”

Noise Free America ( issued its June “Noisy Dozen” award on this event, noting that it would be full of illegally-loud motorcycles. The Asheville Citizen-Times did a story on the Noisy Dozen award.

James Buckner, president of the Buncombe county chapter of Concerned Bikers of America, states that the Hot Springs motorcycle rally would “stay within town rules.” Incredibly, Buckner completely ignores state and federal noise regulations.

North Carolina state law requires all motor vehicles operating in the state to be equipped and operated with effective mufflers. NC 20-128 states that “No person shall drive a motor vehicle on a highway unless such motor vehicle is equipped with a muffler, or other exhaust system of the type installed at the time of manufacture, in good working order and in constant operation to prevent excessive or unusual noise, annoying smoke, and smoke screens.”

The federal Noise Control Act of 1972 also prohibits removing or tampering with motorcycle exhaust systems for the purpose of making noise. The law establishes noise emission limits for all motorcycles made since 1983; most illegally-modified motorcycles greatly exceed that limit.

Buckner states that his group’s purpose is to fight “unfair” legislation. In reality, their purpose is to protect motorcyclists’ “right” to thunder down the road, inflicting sleep deprivation, hearing loss, heart disease, and chronic fatigue on peace-loving Americans–in violation of state and federal law.