Dear Mr. Wayson,

I am writing, once again, about music levels at the Meadowmont pool.

Previously, as you know, lifeguards were allowed to reduce the music level at the pool, upon request. I am told that the new policy is that there is a uniform policy throughout the building, controlled by the front desk.

On Sunday, I was informed of this new policy. I asked the lifeguard to request that the front desk turn down the music level. She refused.

I go to the pool and the whirlpool to relax. I do not go there to hear loud music imposed upon me. Having loud music in the pool area makes the experience unpleasant.

Meadowmont and Cary are “wellness” facilities. Having loud and unnecessary noise imposed upon me is not good for my health–or anyone’s health. I find it amazing that the Meadowmont leadership seems oblivious to the negative health effects of loud music.

Have you ever conducted a survey of your membership? As you know, most members at the Meadowmont facility are not teenagers, by any means. If you did a survey, I predict that most people who swim regularly would vote for no music in the pool area.

Why do you insist on playing loud music in the pool area?

Ted Rueter

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