Some 22 million Americans between the ages of 20 and 69 have already permanently damaged their hearing by exposure to loud sounds. And research is finding that an ever-increasing number of young people have the hearing loss typically found in older adults. (National Institute of Health).

Too much noise is a serious health issue. Noise seriously harms human health and greatly interferes with people’s daily lives–at work, home, school, and leisure.

Noise Pollution causes sleep disturbances, cardiovascular damage, high blood pressure, depression and other psychological effects, stress, fatigue, and provokes annoyance responses such as violent and antisocial behaviors.

The Census Bureau reports that noise is Americans’ top complaint about their neighborhoods, and the major reason they wish to move. And the problem is getting worse.

Noise Free America is dedicated to fighting noise pollution, especially from boom cars, car alarms, leaf blowers, and motorcycles. Take a look at our legislative agenda to reduce noise in our communities.

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