The most important thing anyone affected by noise pollution, which is everyone, is to get involved. Do not allow the lack of attention to this issue immobilize you or make you feel alone. You are not. Millions of people are live with unwanted, unnecessary, and harmful levels of noise each day. Many are forced to move every year to try to escape noise from boom cars, motorcycles, airplanes, or other sources. Still others are trapped because of circumstances or finances and can’t move.

There are many things you can do:

  • Join Noise Free America
  • Start a Noise Free America Local Chapter
  • Nominate a city Noisy Dozen press release
  • Donate to Noise Free America
  • Your help is needed in this very important cause.

    Noise Free America is growing in size and influence. We have chapters in many cities and states, which are conducting petition drives, testifying before city councils, hosting community meetings, speaking to community groups, and meeting with police officials. We issue a monthly “Noisy Dozen” award to major noise polluters, ozie you or make which has gained a significant amount of media attention. We have also recorded radio public service announcements.

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