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Quiet Heroes

We are proud to honor the following individuals as Quiet Heroes. Each Quiet Hero has donated $500 or more to fight noise pollution. We thank them for their support. We are very grateful for their contribution to a more peaceful world.

   Thomas Morris (Farmington Hills, Michigan)

   Geoff Keller (Nashville, Indiana)

   David Perel (New Brunswick, New Jersey)

   Al Fox (Oakdale, Minnesota)

   Dick McLane (Springfield, Illinois)

   Cullen Ruff (Fairfax, Virginia)

   George Atwood (Milton, Wisconsin)

   Robert Fina (Alexandria, Virginia)

   Larry Shainberg (New York, New York)

   Lyman Flinn (Richmond, Virginia)

   Gerald Graw (Warren, Michigan)

   Glenn Hawkins (Pearl, Mississippi)

   Mike Heins (Hamilton, Ohio)

   Mark Huber (Richmond, Virginia)

   Ted Rueter (Chapel Hill, North Carolina)

   Ruth Schiedermayer (Indianapolis, Indiana)

   Randy Throckmorton (Richmond, Virginia)

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