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1. Donate to Noise Free America

Noise Free America
P.O. Box 2754
Chapel Hill, NC 27515

2. Organize a local chapter.

3. Establish a neighborhood anti-noise group.

4. Create a campus chapter.

5. Tell all your friends and neighbors about Noise Free America.

6. Include a note about Noise Free America in your organization's newsletter.

7. Participate in our e-mail petition drives.

8. Suggest a target for an e-mail petition drive (including background information about the noise polluter).

9. Purchase a decibel meter (about $35). Monitor noise levels in the establishments you frequent.

10. Organize a campaign against loud "background" music in the stores, restaurants, health clubs, and medical offices you visit.

11. Submit local police contact information to us.

12. Submit local contact information to us:

-local newspaper
-local radio stations
-local television stations
-local magazines

13. Suggest a link for

14. Get other web sites to link to

15. Suggest a fundraising idea.

16. Host a fundraising event.

17. Suggest a foundation or corporation that might contribute to our work.

18. Suggest other organizations that might support the anti-noise cause. Provide contact information.

19. Write to other environmental organizations (such as the Sierra Club, the World Wildlife Fund, and the League of Conservation Voters), asking them to join the cause against noise pollution.

20. Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper about noise.

21. Write op-eds for your local newspaper about noise.

22. Call radio talk shows.

23. Get yourself invited to be a guest on a radio talk show.

24. Pitch the topic of noise pollution to local radio and television producers and reporters.

25. Call the police regularly about noise violators.

26. Meet with your local police chief about enforcing existing noise pollution laws.

27. Write to your mayor and city council about noise enforcement.

28. Conduct a local petition drive about noise. Submit the petitions to the mayor and the police chief.

29. Give your neighbors a list of whom to call about noise in your area.

30. Suggest a celebrity spokesman for Noise Free America.

31. Contact possible celebrity spokesmen for Noise Free America.

32. Ask your neighbors to fire their gardeners!

33. Speak to the owners and managers of the stores and restaurants you visit about noise levels. Ask them to turn the music off--or at least turn it down.

34. Submit model local ordinances to

35. Submit local state laws to

36. Suggest local, state, and federal legislation that we should lobby for.

37. Write your members of Congress. Ask them to support reinstatement of the Office of Noise Abatement and Control (ONAC) within the Environmental Protection Administration.

38. Speak with attorneys, law firms, environmental law clinics, law professors, and public interest law firms about representing us in a class action lawsuit against major noise polluters. Possible targets include:

-car alarm manufacturers
-boom car manufacturers
-Circuit City

39. Contact advertising agencies about producing public service announcements on noise pollution.

40. Contact The Advertising Council about public service announcements.

41. Take out an advertisement in your local newspaper about noise pollution, local police contact information, and Noise Free America.

42. Write to network television programs (such as "Oprah" and "Montel Williams") suggesting that they devote a program to the hazards of noise.

43. Pass out Noise Free America cards to people you meet.

44. Lobby your city government for a stronger noise ordinance.

45. Lobby your state legislature for a statewide noise ordinance.

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Noise Free America
P.O. Box 2754
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27515

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