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Larry Deal

A retired engineer, Larry Deal is an expert on motor vehicle noise, especially from motorcycles. He is co-author of Noise Free America’s Guide to Modified Exhausts: A Reference for Law Enforcement Officers and Motor Vehicle Inspectors, published in 2017 by Quill Driver Books in Fresno, California. The book is an illustrated guide to illegal after-market exhausts, with 83 original photographs. Noise Free America’s book has been purchased by a number of law enforcement agencies. Larry believes that the root cause of excessive motorcycle noise is the unlawful tampering with motorcycle exhaust systems. Larry recommends that states adopt the federal motorcycle noise control regulation, which requires motorcycles to be equipped with mufflers which meet federal standards and prohibits tampering with a motorcycle’s factory-installed noise control equipment. For additional information, please see In addition, Larry is very active in Noise Free America: A Coalition to Promote Quiet, posting many comments on both our online discussion group and our bulletin board. He has provided information and strategic advice to noise pollution victims throughout the country. He is the chairman of Noise Free America’s strategy and public education committee. Ask Larry Deal questions at [email protected].