Nominate Your Community for a Noisy Dozen Award

Nominate your community for a Noisy Dozen award–Noise Free America’s monthly press release spotlighting a particularly noisy community, industry, business, or individual. This will allow you to tell the world about your noise situation!

Our Noisy Dozen awards have generated substantial publicity. These stories have put additional pressure on local officials and the police to take strong action against noise.

To participate in the Noisy Dozen program, you must:

      • provide a statement about your noise problem

      • provide your e-mail address and phone number

      • recruit a second person within the community to comment on the noise situation

      • provide a list of e-mail addresses of newspapers, radio stations, and television stations in your area

      • join Noise Free America (a contribution of at least $35)

      • To indicate your interest in publicizing your noise situation, please contact us at [email protected].