Personal Checklist

1. Do not use leaf blowers.

2. Do not hire a gardener who uses leaf blowers.

3. Do not use a keyless car entry system.

4. Do not install back-up beepers on your car or van.

5. Do not use a car alarm. Use The Club instead.

6. Ride your bike or walk as much as possible.

7. Keep your car muffler in good working order.

8. Do not blast your car stereo.

9. When you have a guest in your vehicle, turn down the radio–or ask the other person about their preferences.

10. If you like your music loud, use headphones.

11. Do not mow your lawn before 9:00 am or after 9:00 pm.

12. Do not use power hedge trimmers.

13. Try to avoid revving your car or motorcycle unnecessarily.

14. Use your car horn only in emergencies.

15. Do not announce your arrival at someone’s house by honking.

16. Do not use hair dryers in public bathrooms.

17. Do not use electric swimsuit drying machines in public bathrooms.

18. Try to position noisy household equipment such as washing machines and dish washers away from partition walls.

19. Use washing machines and dish washers sparingly.

20. Use washing machines and dish washers only after 9:00 am and before 9:00 pm.

21. Move your TV and stereo away from your neighbors’ walls.

22. Keep the volume of your TV, stereo, and radio as low as possible, especially at night.

23. For home stereos, keep the bass at an extremely low level.

24. Put fitting carpets over floorboards and curtains on windows to reduce everyday noise in your home.

25. If you own a dog, train the dog not to bark unnecessarily. Never leave your dog alone for long periods; ask a friend to exercise it during your absence.

26. If you buy a new washing machine, choose the quietest model.

27. If you buy a new air conditioner, choose the quietest model.

28. If you buy a new vacuum cleaner, choose the quietest model.

29. Warn your neighbors if you are going to make unavoidable noise. If you’re having a party, invite them!

30. Turn down the volume on your telephones.

31. Use voice mail instead of an answering machine.

32. Always have your cell phone on vibrate.

33. If you own a store or restaurant, closely monitor noise levels.

34. If construction workers are remodeling your home, tell them not to begin before 8:00 am. Tell them to limit the use of jackhammers.

35. If someone lodges a noise complaint against you, treat it seriously and respectfully.