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Dear Mr./Ms. Owner,

Allow me to say that I truly love your product/service and I have shopped/eaten at your establishment on a regular basis. I have enjoyed your product/service so much, in fact, that I have often recommended it to my friends and acquaintances.

Unfortunately, I find that I am no longer comfortable in your establishment because of the frequent and obnoxious thumping of boom cars. I estimate that I spend more than $1,000 a year in your store/facility/ restaurant, and I feel badly that my friends and I are forced to put that into a competitor’s cash register. I would rather it go to you–which is why I am writing.

I think it’s a tragedy when a group of obnoxious idiots are allowed to interfere with our daily lives and pursuits. At times, I get some of that noise near my home, and I certainly call the police when I hear offenders in my own neighborhood. My insistence at having them enforce current regulations in my area has made a difference. I am also reviewing our local noise ordinance and speaking with others who are interested in putting an end to this offensive behavior that takes away from our quality of life.

When the boom box noise has been controlled in this area, I would be pleased to begin shopping at/using your store/facility/ restaurant again.

I encourage you to work with the local police department to greatly strengthen enforcement of our noise ordinances. You are losing business because of the contant presence of boom cars.

Yours truly,
Your Name