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It's Not My Remote, It's My Detonator

Shake Seats and Annoy Neighbors

Hate Your Neighbors

Dedicated to the Art of Kicking Bass

Performance They'll Hear a Mile Away

Got Loud? Get Louder?

Turn It Up Keep It Up

Be Very Afraid

Street-Legal Road Racer

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Urban Assault

Rear View

New Trophy

Gets You Noticed

Throw a Tantrum in Your Car

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Turn it Down? I Don't Think So.

Shake the Living | Wake the Dead

How Loud is American Bass?


Plug In/ Fill Up

Loud Enough?

Impress Your Friends


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Be Loud... Be Obnoxious...

The Jolting Power of Pioneer Subwoofers

Number One Annoyance

Put the Over 40 Set into Cardiac Arrest


Here's My Trophy

Disturb the Peace II

Bass Yourself

Turn it On

Pyle Driver Was Here

Sexist CD Cover