March 1, 2003

Noise Free America
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Reshelle Smith
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Ted Rueter
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Madison:¬†South Lake Tahoe, California has won March’s Noisy Dozen award from Noise Free America, for tolerating loud boom car stereos and failing to preserve and protect the local soundscape.

“In a community dedicated to scenic, water, and air quality and the preservation of natural habitats and wildlife, it is indeed surprising that South Lake Tahoe would allow its soundscape to be vandalized,” said Reshelle Smith, head of Noise Free South Lake Tahoe. “Local residents have been subjected to this annoying form of pollution for years. Yet this assault on peace and quiet in South Lake Tahoe continues unchecked.”

Smith also stated that “the noise from boom cars is so loud that it shakes the windows of my house. Once they even made the floorboards shake. For a moment I thought we were having an earthquake.”

Another South Lake Tahoe resident, Philip Pescosolido, stated that “South Lake Tahoe officials should do something about the noise problem in our neighborhood. People need their peace and quiet. The last thing they need is more stress in their lives.”

Mark Huber commented that “noise is a destructive element in American life. It lessens property values and harms human health. Excessive noise contributes to heart disease, sleep deprivation, chronic fatigue, and hearing loss. Increasing noise levels makes South Lake Tahoe a less desirable place to live and visit. The city needs to act.”

Ted Rueter, director of Noise Free America, observed that “South Lake Tahoe is known for its stunning physical beauty. It is tragic that local officials have allowed the beauty of the natural soundscape to be ravaged by boom cars.”

According to Reshelle Smith, “Many local residents are awakened, disturbed, annoyed, and utterly frustrated by boom cars in their neighborhoods. Many local residents seem unaware of local ordinances designed to protect their right to quiet, and few report violators to local law enforcement. This must change. South Lake Tahoe needs to protect the right of its citizens to peace and quiet.”

Noise Free America is a national citizens group dedicated to opposing noise pollution. Previous winners of the “Noisy Dozen” award include Gray Davis, Jesse Ventura, and Viper Car Alarms.