June 1, 2012

Noise Free America
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Ted Rueter
[email protected]

Chapel Hill: The Discovery Channel has won this month’s “Noisy Dozen” award from Noise Free America for its new program, “Fast N’ Loud,” which is advertised as “two guys on a mission to restore the roar.” The show features two guys on “full throttle” road trips, looking for old cars just “screaming” to be brought back to life. The Discovery Channel also promotes noise and illegality through “American Chopper” and “The Devils Ride.”

Jeff LaRive, a resident of Santa Cruz, California, state that “the Discovery Channel’s new show, ‘Fast N’ Loud,’ clearly demonstrates just how low this once great network has sunk. Why would a channel that was once famous for promoting nature, exploration, and technology promote such an anti-social agenda? Have they run out of creative juices? ‘American Chopper’ was bad enough, with its promotion of clueless belligerence and faux-patriotism. Then there’s ‘The Devil’s Ride.’ But, really? Another program dedicated to shattering the peace and reckless behavior in the public sphere?”

According to LaRive, “Someone at the Discovery Channel must think that noise from illegal motor vehicles is really cool and should be promoted. It’s really pathetic. Discovery Channel’s slogan is: ‘The World is Just Awesome.’ But I’ll tell you what: the world is far less awesome when communities and the natural world are being bombarded by the illegal noise from this small, clueless, and loud special interest group. The Discovery Channel should be ashamed of itself.”

Los Angeles resident Susan Rocha told the Discovery Channel, “Your new program, ‘Fast N’ Loud,’ contributes to the decline of moral behavior. It promotes noise as a good thing. That is simply wrong. Loud car stereos and modified exhaust systems are illegal in most cities. Most people do not want to hear excessive noise from loud mufflers. Respect the quiet. Do not encourage noise and criminal behavior.”

Rick Holtsclaw, a retired Houston police office, states that “growing numbers of Americans are sick and tired of illegally loud trucks, autos, and motorcycles. This program advocates this intrusive, dangerous and illegal behavior. It also promotes the lawlessness associated with the manufacturing, distribution, and installation of illegally loud aftermarket exhaust equipment. The producers and the Discovery Channel should be sued for promoting such irresponsible behavior!”

Noise Free America is a national non-profit organization devoted to noise reduction. In February 2005, the Noisy Dozen award went to the Speed Channel, for promoting “hypermasculinity in motion.”