May 1, 2007

Noise Free America
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Robert Carillo
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Ted Rueter
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Madison:¬†Warren, Ohio has won this month’s Noisy Dozen award from Noise Free America for allowing itself to become, in the words of one local resident, “one giant colony of noise.” Despite its relatively small population of 45,000, there is no escaping noise in Warren.

The first noise problem Warren faces is semi-trucks. Warren is a major thoroughfare for trucks rumbling through town, going to and from Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Youngstown.

A longtime local resident, Robert Carillo, commented that “on a typical good weather day, the symphony of noise begins with boom cars, excessively loud motorcycles, ragged exhaust systems falling off cars, gas-powered leaf blowers, trimmers, and edgers. The worst and constant form of noise is the useless car booming, which rattles body parts and house windows.”

Carillo notes that “the good people who care about quality of life, economic health, environmental health, and public health have largely fled. This is leaving the city with a concentration of people who don’t care about the rights of peace and quiet for others. In short, we are becoming the northern capital for this redneck mentality that suggests, ‘I got my rights and I’ll do whatever I want’–and this includes making noise.”

He concludes, “We are left with a concentration of ineptness, corruption, and ignorance from the top on down to the people. At the same time, the Chamber of Commerce-driven folks feel we can do no wrong and are such a great visitor’s destination! What a joke! Without this noise, we actually could be, but this town needs to realize that noise is a major force in driving people away. City council members will rarely return my calls, yet our safety director admits that noise is his number one complaint! In the good weather, all this noise busts wide open as if some huge party pinjata exploded. It’s insane!!!”

Chad Douglas, another Warren resident, shares Carillo’s sense of hopelessness about noise: “In Warren, citizens regularly have their right to peace and privacy invaded by the noisemakers, who feel they have the right to be seen and heard anywhere and everywhere. Excessive noise drives good people away from communities.”

Noise Free America’s director, Ted Rueter, stated that “what’s happening in Warren is happening all across the country. Noise levels are escalating, local officials are not acting, and a community’s quality of life is deteriorating. It is time that police and elected officials in Warren strictly enforce the noise ordinances. Otherwise, the cycle of noise and social decline will continue.”

Robert Carillo concluded, “Police here insist they enforce the noise ordinance, but enforcement by catching offenders is not enough. The police need to go after the problem by devising a comprehensive plan, including training, education, stake-outs, citizen involvement, and stiff penalties.”

Noise Free America is a national citizens organization opposed to noise pollution. Past “winners” of the Noisy Dozen award include Pioneer Electronics, Muzak, and Harley Davidson. Noise Free America’s web site is