by Devon Brozek

February 19, 2010

Apparently, Wisconsin would like to prove that there is more to the Badger State than just cheese and beer. A new piece of legislation being voted on would officially make Harley-Davidson the State Motorcycle. We know what you’re thinking here folks… why doesn’t my state have an official motorcycle? Perhaps you should consider moving to Wisconsin.

The passing of Bill 596 will not be as simple as a cruise down Main Street on your favorite Road King, though. The advocacy group Noise Free America is voicing more than just support for the company, which has been a staple of Wisconsin history since 1903. It lists motorcycles as the fourth worst offender – just edging out the dreaded leaf blower – as noise polluters in this country.

Noise Free America’s goal is to use this opportunity to set a precedent for any other state with two-wheeled ambitions. This opposition may prove to be no more than a bump in the road for Wisconsin Bill 596 as overwhelming support should make quick work of officially labeling the Badger State as Hog Heaven.