by Post Editor

May 23, 2011

Dear Editor,

I have called in many complaints about loud booming stereos and music. More and more are getting these loud stereos, in their cars or at out door parties.

The NFA shows that this loud noise can cause cardiac arrest in the elderly, it increases violent behavior, it also damages the hearing of the young and disturbs their ability to study and learn.

So why do we tolerate this man made noise pollution? Please tell me why. Only about 5% will call in and complain about this noise, why don’t the other 95% take a stand and say enough is enough.

I encourage anyone and everyone to call their Law enforcement office when they hear this man made noise pollution. Take back your rights to peace and quiet and the right to hear just the sounds of nature in your own back yard or at home or anywhere else you are.

BTW — Noise Free America, has a site. I hope more will join me in liking this page. ( this is their website.

Catherine E. Haag — [email protected] from Porterville, Calif.