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February 25, 2008

ST. PETERSBURG – The latest attempt to reduce noise levels does not involve a new ordinance, stiffer penalties, or a big enforcement action. It is a polite request to the owners of cars with loud music systems to turn the volume down.

“People may not be aware that the radio is a little bit loud and disturbing some of their neighbors,” explained Susie Ajoc of St. Petersburg Neighborhood Services.

Noise Free Florida’s Judy Ellis imported the idea from other cities. She claims a lot of violators turn down the volume once they realize somebody is watching them.

“Someone took the time to write to down their tag. Somebody in the police department took the time to write them a letter,” she said.

Ellis is also president of a neighborhood association providing the grassroots component of this experiment. It is making post cards available to residents who can jot down tag numbers and send them into the city. Then the police department sends the vehicle’s owner a letter.

Ajoc says 1,000 cards have been printed. The city wants to see how many of those cards citizens send in and how many of them involve repeat offenders.