February 1, 2018

Noise Free America: A Coalition to Promote Quiet

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Larry Deal
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Ted Rueter
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Chapel Hill: Congressman Tim Wahlberg, a Republican from the 7th district in Michigan, has won this month’s “Noisy Dozen” award from Noise Free America: A Coalition to Promote Quiet for introducing H. Res 318, “Promoting awareness of motorcycle profiling and encouraging collaboration and communication with the motorcycle community and law enforcement officials to prevent instances of profiling.”

This pro-biker resolution is a pet project of so-called “motorcycle rights” organizations. It is intended to persuade law enforcement agencies to not cite motorcyclists for noise violations—under the pretense that illegally loud motorcycles are being “profiled.”

Larry Deal, a member of Noise Free America: A Coalition to Promote Quiet, commented that “the bikers want a federal law to prevent ‘profiling’ of motorcyclists. The bikers want to be a protected class—which would make it easier for them to stop the police from enforcing motorcycle noise violations. The bikers claim that for police officers to ticket motorcyclists for illegal noise is ‘profiling’ and ‘targeting.’ This is absolutely ridiculous. Bikers need to keep their noise levels down, just like everyone else. There should not be a ‘protected class’ for noisemakers.”

Ted Rueter, director of Noise Free America: A Coalition to Promote Quiet, stated that “this uninformed, pro-biker resolution is aimed at protecting law-breaking motorcyclists. It seeks to prevent them from being held accountable for breaking the law. The vast majority of motorcycle riders remove or alter their exhaust system—a direct violation of the federal Noise Control Act of 1972. Excessive motorcycle noise is a threat to peace and quiet and public safety.”

Unfortunately, there are 34 co-sponsors of this ridiculous pro-motorcycle noise resolution:
Rep. Mark Pocan (D., Wisconsin)
Rep. Michael Burgess (R., Texas)
Rep. Colin Peterson (D., Minnesota)
Rep. Darin LaHood (R., Illinois)
Rep. Glenn Grothman (R., Wisconsin)
Rep. Richard Nolan (D., Minnesota)
Re. Lee Zeldin (R., New York)
Rep. Glenn Thompson (R., Pennsylvania)
Rep. Julia Brownley (D., California)
Rep. Blaine Luekemeyer (R., Missouri)
Rep. Kristi Noem (R., South Dakota)
Rep. Erik Paulsen (R., Minnesota)
Rep. David Trott (R., Michigan)
Rep. Tom Emmer (R., Minnesota)
Rep. Grace Napolitano (D., California)
Rep. Don Young (R., Arkansas)
Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D. Arizona)
Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D., California)
Rep. John Katko (R., New York)
Rep. Rodney Davis (R., Illinois)
Rep. Jimmy Panetta (D., California)
Rep. Cheri Bustos (R., Illinois)
Rep. Adam Zinzinger (R., Illinois)
Rep. Jamie Raskin (D., Maryland)
Rep. Thomas MacArthur (R., New Jersey)
Rep. Donald Norcross (D., New Jersey)
Rep. Andy Biggs (R., Arizona)
Rep. David Young (R., Iowa)
Rep. David Loebsack (D., Iowa)
Rep. Sam Graves (R., Missouri)
Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R., Wisconsin)
Rep. Derek Kilmer (D., Washington)
Rep. Mike Bost (R., Illinois)
Rep. Debbie Lesko (R., Arizona)

If you are represented by a sponsor or co-sponsor of this resolution, please let them know that you strongly disapprove of them supporting a pro-motorcycle noise resolution. The Capital Hill switchboard is 202-224-3121. You may find your Congressional representative and their contact information here.

Noise Free America: A Coalition to Promote Quiet is a national citizens’ organization devoted to noise reduction. Past “winners” of the Noisy Dozen award include Bikers for Trump, the Pennsylvania Harley Owners Group, and the Milwaukee Motorcycle Rally.