by Paul Monson

Los Angeles Times

April 7, 2003

In February it was Gov. Gray Davis who won the honors as one of the “Noisy Dozen,” a prize given each month of the year by Noise Free America to those adding to noise pollution.

April’s honors go to another Californian — Darrell Issa, the GOP congressman from Vista who made his millions in car electronics — audio and alarms; it’s said to be his voice you hear on the talking alarms, warning you to back off.

He also belongs to the Congressional Automotive, Performance, and Motorsport Caucus (what, you didn’t know there was one?).

The group headlined its news release “Boom Car Congressman” — just the size to fit on a bumper sticker — and its spokesman, Mark Huber, said that “for Darrell Issa, a Noisy Dozen award isn’t enough. The man has made a fortune promoting noise and forcing it into the homes of millions of people. He has destroyed the peaceful quiet that was once a highlight of the American way of life. He has replaced it with violent, vulgar and unending noise. Darrell Issa deserves Noise Free America’s Lifetime Achievement award.”

Davis won in February for having signed a bill that the organization said would make it “much more difficult for police officers to protect the people of the Golden State from noise pollution created by hot rod ‘enthusiasts.'”