by Raine Devries

February 22, 2010

Wisconsin politicians appear to be riding towards passing a bill to make Harley-Davidson the official motorcycle of the state and the momentum leaves a web-based complaint group who have lobbied to kill the bill because they think motorcycles are too loud seemingly drowned out by the legislative enthusiasm for Harley-Davidson.

When the twenty Wisconsin politicians sponsored bill 596 in December requiring the Wisconsin Blue Book to list Harley-Davidson as the state’s honorary bike, they most-likely thought it would be a feel-good nod to a iconic motorcycle manufacturer battered by the struggling economy.

But an anti-noise advocacy group had their own opinion of the bill and the people who ride motorcycles. In fact, the self-appointed noise police list motorcycles as the fourth item on their list of sound polluting offenders.

‘Noise Free America is dedicated to fighting noise pollution, especially from boom cars, car alarms, leaf blowers, and motorcycles’ the groups website states.

The organization were so upset by the Wisconsin’s legislature’s effort to recognize the Milwaukee motorcycle manufacturer, it awarded them a “Noisy Dozen” award on December 1st. Given to major noise polluters, recent recipients have been the National Rifle Association, loud TV commercials, leaf-blowers and the Assemblies of God, Appalachian District, in Ghent ‘for cranking out amplified music for hours on end’.