by Eesha Williams

Keene, NH Valley Post

May 29, 2010

Motorcycle noise is a problem every summer in the Valley, said Cliff Crowley. He is working to pass laws to limit the noise. He is a member of a national group, Noise Free America New Hampshire is one of the worst states for motorcycle noise. Keene has more motorcycles per capita than most cities in New Hampshire, according to the group.

Harley Davidson Corporation is among the multi-billion dollar companies that fight volunteer-run groups like Crowley’s. The CEO of Harley Davidson was paid $6.4 million last year. The driver of a car or truck that is as loud as a legal Harley motorcycle can be ticketed by police.

“We need all the help we can get,” Crowley said.

More information is available at the above web site, or by calling Crowley at (603) 622-8686. His group also works on limiting leaf blowers — which are banned in some Canadian states — and other man-made sources of noise.