by Lon Ponschock

November 7, 2013

The Center For Problem Oriented Policing knows about boom cars. It has a public access site in which many policing problems are discussed. I sought this out because the boom car issue isn’t receiving the attention it deserves in Appleton as a health issue or a common decency issue.

Another organization called Noise Free America has designed legislation to limit the installation of, training for installation of, and street use of this equipment. When these laws are violated, such as a 10-foot rule, the vehicle will be fined, or better yet impounded, until the illegal equipment is removed.

This should be an issue in upcoming elections in Appleton. Until it becomes one, it’s unlikely that the Appleton Police Department will pay much attention to it. Individual complaints would also help draw attention to the problem.

Here are a few boom car actions. The Honey I’m Home boom car announces outside a residence that someone is looking for an individual inside without getting out of the car and going in. The Ice Cream Truck boom car, like its counterpart for children, announces that it’s open for business. This is a drug-dealer tactic and is described as such in Problem Oriented Policing. Possibly the worst is the I’m Tired Of Waiting For This Red Light boom car from which other drivers have no escape. The rest of the boom car traffic is simply aggressive and belligerent.

They call themselves tuners and hobbyists. By this facile logic, someone whose hobby is punching people in the face has the same right to pursue his recreation as anyone else.

When will enough people have their guts curdled by this openly offensive use of technology start to speak up? Only when punishment follows action will this noise stop.

Lon Ponschock,