Elkhart county, Indiana sheriff’s department – On Thursday, May 10, 2018, Lt. Casey Lehman with the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Department and Officer Mike Bogart, formerly with the Elkhart City Police Department, were presented with the first of its kind, the “Quiet Hero” award, in recognition for his efforts in enforcing county noise ordinances and reducing noise pollution in the area.

Ted Rueter, President of Noise Free America, along with Bradley Vite, a local anti-noise advocate, presented the award. Mr. Vite spoke on the issues connected with noise, stating “Contrary to some opinions, noise is a paramount health issue today. It is the new 2nd hand smoke crisis. It causes gastrointestinal problems, high blood pressure and heart disease. And it’s the only area of medicine and health that has worsen not improved.” He also stated “The biggest problems on our streets today, are broken muffler/exhausts or modified pipes on cars, trucks, and motorcycles…again in violation of Federal Standards for pollutant emissions and noise.”

Lt. Lehman and Officer Bogart became the first recipients in the nation to receive this award.

Noise Free America director, Dr. Ted Rueter, has been featured on 20/20 and ABC “World News Tonight” as well as other venues. He is currently writing another book on noise which will have Elkhart County included. The mission of Noise Free America is to elevate the issue of noise pollution with federal, state, and local officials, as well as to educate the public about the dangers of noise pollution.

Bradley Vite, a longtime anti-noise advocate has been on the front lines of bringing awareness to the dangers of noise pollution. His efforts have received national and international attention. He recently completed two terms on the Board of Directors of the ATA- American Tinnitus Association; serves on the steering committee for “Quiet Coalition” and has been interviewed by Pew Research, Real Simple Magazine, Minimal Films in Europe and participated in several PBS programs on hearing and noise as an expert. He’s spoken in various forums since the 1990’s to help educate and inform of the growing need to be aware of the noise pollution and the positive steps communities can take to reverse this trend.

Capt. James L. Bradberry
Elkhart County Sheriff’s Department
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