by “Mac”

Northwest Harley Blog

December 30, 2009

Harley-Davidson is the only American motorcycle builder to survive the Great Depression and continue rolling today.

That fact and that the company has employed generations of workers as well as provided enthusiasts around the world with wind in the face fun has prompted lawmakers in Wisconsin to sponsor a bill to honor H-D as the state’s official motorcycle.

This seemed like a no-brainer to me, but an opposition group (Noise Free America) from Albany, NY issued a hysterical press release denouncing the legislation plan and comparing the “awful noise of Harley riders” to TERRORISM. Huh? One of the group members, George Atwood (email him your thoughts at: [email protected]) stated:

“The noise stresses people. The noise ruins the quality of life in our neighborhoods and nation. It frightens and intimidates people. It leads to hearing loss, higher medical costs, lost productivity and loss of peace of mind.”

Geez, this group likely thinks Harley-Davidson is responsible for the lapse of security on Northwest Flight 253 where Abdulmutallab failed to explode the PETN?! Maybe they think that H-D motorcycles are responsible for the coercion and torture tactics in Guantanamo Bay. I’ll bet Atwood had a hand in writing the script for the recent South Park “F” episode?

This group creates more “noise” whining than what comes from the exhaust of my Harley. I suspect they would complain about the sound of falling snow! Talk about ignorant. But, I’ve come up with a SUPER idea for the NFA group — don’t waste a breath and better yet help reduce the nation’s noise level by just waving this 11oz mug (see photo left) in the direction of those so called “noise makers.”

It’s nearly time to “ring” in the New Year. Make some noise!!