by Andy Ford

Portland (Maine) Press Herald

September 23, 2006

Jean Fields’ letter (Sept. 2) on Portland’s worsening noise pollution problems was right on. Even though Portland’s City Council passed an ordinance several years ago making it illegal to operate a noisy motorcycle in the city (there’s also a state law that addresses this problem), the number of unmuffled or poorly muffled motorcycles continues to grow. And, unfortunately, the numbers of boom cars have also increased even though there’s a state law making it illegal to play music in a vehicle that can be heard beyond 25 feet at a decibel level of over 85.

Although the needless noise of motorcycles and boom cars is indeed a disturbance of the peace, it’s also a significant contributor to vibroacoustic disease.

This condition is very well described on Noise Free America’s Web site, Its Web site also offers suggestions on how to reduce needless noise through community action, sensible laws and enforcement.

Andy Ford
Portland, Maine