Tribune Chronicle

May 6, 2012


This is in response to Mr. Carillio’s letter April 22 regarding the increase in noise pollution.

Mr. Carillio seems to be bothered by every single sound known to man. I mean, how does a person become seriously bothered by muzak and the occasional airplane noise and train horn?

I, for one, am not hypersensitive to noise. In the spring and summer I love hearing motorcycles at night, especially Harley-Davidsons with after-market pipes, fireworks and planes flying on a sunny day.

Mr Carillio also wants both local and federal governments to crack down on all this noise (especially motorcycles) that is driving him crazy. We do not need any more of the Nanny State regulating absolutely everything in our lives. Maybe there should be a police leaf blower noise task force armed with decibel meter readers which could result in fines for violators. I think not.

Maybe more time should be spent by Mr. Carillio and his Noise Free America buddies doing active summer activities instead of sitting on his deck listening to crickets (too loud).

Harold Sachs