by Ted Rueter

Durham (North Carolina) Herald-Sun

July 29, 2016

I used to shop at Target all the time. I loved the fact that Target does not play background music. I encouraged other people who love peace and quiet to shop at Target.

No more.

Recently, the two Target stores in Durham provided their employees with piercingly loud walkie-talkies, which create a cacophony of noise.

It is completely hypocritical for Target to brag about its supposed quiet shopping environment because of the lack of background music–yet, on the other hand, equip its employees with devices which create intense, very harmful noise. What good is no background music if every employee is carrying around a noisemaking device?

I am not aware of any other chain department store that provides loud walkie-talkies to its employees. Why not use headsets–so that shoppers are not bombarded with deafeningly loud noise? The clamorous, intense noise from the walkie-talkies causes headaches and ruins the shopping experience.

In June, Noise Free America: A Coalition to Promote Quiet ( gave Target its “Noisy Dozen” award for this unnecessary, harmful noise.

Ted Rueter