Minneapolis Star-Tribune

January 15, 2003

A group that opposes noise pollution, Noise Free America (NFA), has given Jesse Ventura its monthly “Noisy Dozen” award because of his penchant for loud car stereos, motorcycles, snowmobiles and Jet Skis. The group said Ventura did nothing to reduce noise pollution during his tenure as Minnesota governor. NFA noted that on New Year’s Eve, Ventura parked his new Hummer at the Capitol, then cranked up Led Zeppelin on his 10-speaker sound system. That, NFA complained, was “not the first time that Jesse Ventura has violated the public’s right to peace and quiet.” His admitted “loud” lifestyle, said NFA, is a poor example for children and may someday lead to his own hearing loss. The proud-to-be-loud Ventura is the only individual person to have earned the award. Previous winners include Viper car alarms, Flowmaster motorsport mufflers and Circuit City stores.