by Robert Carillio, Ohio Chapter Noise Free America, Warren

The Tribune Chronicle (

October 29, 2007


This is in response to the letter to the editor Oct. 21 edition of the Tribune, by Sherry Thellman.

Stop with the cop-outs already. Stop dragging other noise issues into this particular discussion. I acknowledged those in my last letter. Stop alleviating responsibility to not force the whole world to hear excessive pipe noise by basically telling us we have to deal with it.

The comparisons this person made with crickets and loud motorcycles is a sad and testimony of the kind of inconsiderate mentality that is driving many good residents out of this town and having many parts of it looking shameful.

I want to thank the Tribune for posting Ms. Thellman’s letter because it serves as an example the inept justifications and rationales people who make the most noise use, instead of choosing to behave in a civil and neighborly manner. Such a letter will help better our cause.