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May 17, 2022

Ted Rueter
[email protected]

Chapel Hill: Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment (UPHE) has informed the owners of four Utah Harley-Davidson dealerships that they plan to file a federal lawsuit to prevent them from selling illegal after-market exhaust parts (both separately and as part of a motorcycle).

UPHE’s notice letter “alleges the dealerships are violating the federal Clean Air Act and the federal Noise Control Act by removing pollution control devices in motorcycles, selling and installing emission and noise-control defeat parts on new and used motorcycles, and owning and operating tampered motorcycles.” The notice letter notes that the tampered motorcycles sold by the four dealerships “are more than twice as loud and emit more than twice the air pollution than allowed by federal law.”

According to UPHE’s notice letter, “If the dealerships do not agree to stop tampering with and removing noise and air pollution control, stop selling and installing defeat devices, pay an appropriate penalty to the federal government, and otherwise resolve all claims under the Clean Air Act and the Noise Control Act within 60 days, UPHE intends to file suit.” The 60-day deadline is June 4, 2022. As of yet, the owner has not provided a comment.

The dealerships are:

The first two dealerships are owned by Salt Lake City, LLC; the second two are owned by Northern Utah Power Sports, LLC.  Joseph L. Timmons, Jr. controls both limited liability corporations.

The court filing is available here, near the bottom, under “UPHE and NFA’s notice of intent to sue letter.”

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