by Staff Report

Youngstown Vindicator

October 6, 2008

WARREN — The city has been named this month’s winner of the Noisy Dozen Award from Noise Free America for tolerating excessive noise from lawn equipment, truck traffic and illegally modified car exhausts.

According to Noise Free America, the noise level in Warren, a city of approximately 45,000 people, is disproportionate to its size.

“The fact that there is no enforcement of noise issues in this town has made it a great place for lawless and inconsiderate people to live,” Robert Carillo of Warren said. “It has definitely dragged down Warren’s quality of life. I have been doing all a resident can do to get someone to solve this problem.”

He said Warren’s constant noise severely damages the town’s quality of life, causing people to reside elsewhere.

“Our noise problem is driving good people out of town,” Carillo said. “Constant noise makes daily life almost unbearable. My corner has always had a lot of traffic, but nothing like now.”

He said he is concerned that none of the city officials has done anything to control the issue, which encourages those making a racket to be as loud as they like.

“They do nothing, and yet they admit that noise is the No. 1 complaint of people in Warren,” Carillo said.

Youngstown has also been given the Noisy Dozen Award.