by Kirk Carapezza

Fox 21 News

December 20, 2009

MADISON (WPR) There’s a push in the legislature to recognize Harley-Davidson as the official state motorcycle.

Some lawmakers behind the bill — including its sponsor, Milwaukee Representative Leon Young — say it’s a symbolic gesture to Wisconsin’s motorcycle culture and a company synonymous with the state.

But critics say singling out the loud bikes would disturb the peace and denigrate Wisconsin’s image. George Atwood is with the group, Noise Free America. He says Harley Davidson motorcycles are “thunderous” and “obnoxious.” Atwood says honoring a name that’s causing obnoxious noise is like forcing Wisconsin residents to “wear it like a tattoo on the state that they call their home.”

An Assembly panel put off a vote on the bill Thursday (12/17).

Information from Wisconsin Public Radio,