by Ted Rueter

May 28, 2012

After-market motorcycle equipment violates the federal Noise Control Act of 1972, which specifies that motorcycle exhaust systems may not be altered for the purpose of making additional noise. (Every state motor vehicle code has the same regulation.) The relevant regulation is 40 CFR 205. In addition, the EPA has issued a “matching label” regulation to enforce the law.

A Census Bureau report indicates that noise is Americans’ number one complaint about their neighborhoods, and the number one reason people wish to move. In response, a number of state and local governments are taking action against the scourge of illegal motorcycle noise.

Excessive noise is related to hearing loss, sleep deprivation, heart problems, tinnitis, vibroacoustic disease, chronic fatigue, and aggressive behavior.

California motorcyclist Michael Reese asks, “Does society really care if a guy has loud or modified pipes?” Yes, society does care. And the police should, too.

Ted Rueter
Director, Noise Free America